Anti-Trump messages on, on supporter’s T-shirt

24 Oct 2016 10:47

Amid rumors that GOP nominee Donald Trump is planning to start his TV station if he doesn’t win the US ۲۰۱۶ presidential vote, the domain names of and are being used against his campaign by an anonymous buyer, calling for a “No” vote for the real estate mogul.

On Sunday, the websites redirected to a message, urging US voters to refuse to vote for the billionaire.

“Vote NO to Trump! He wasn't even organized enough to purchase this domain (or at public auction, and he wants to run the USA?”

The anonymous buyer even claims that he had been threatened by Trump’s men after purchasing the domain names.

“Days after I won this domain at public auction I received a letter from Trump attorneys threatening to sue me for trademark infringement for purchasing this domain. Guess who still owns the domain... not that guy!”

Viral T-shirt

Efforts to humiliate the Trump campaign also continued with other shapes and forms, including one involving his son, Eric Trump.

A Hispanic anti-Trump activist released pictures of herself and her sister along with Eric and his wife as she was wearing an anti-Trump T-shirt unnoticed by the campaign staffers.

The sisters, Annie and Ceci Cardelle, posted their photos from a North Carolina rally on Twitter on Saturday.

One of the girls’ T-shirt bears the message "Latina contra Trump” as she stands along with the couple at a rally held in a local restaurant in Salisbury on Friday.

“Contra” is a Spanish word meaning “against” and is quite akin to the word “counter” with a similar meaning in English.

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