Self-hitting in an American way

14 Oct 2011 20:38

by Mohammad Safari

m against Iran is kind of a self-biting policy. ۱۱ September tragedy was also a self-biting act. The US government planned the mishap, then attributed it to others, and carried out its plans. But American programmers are not aware that all of their tricks have been revealed.
The American propaganda system has raised an odd new allegation against Iran, claiming that Iranian agents had planned to assassinate Saudi Arabian ambassador to Washington in the US and bomb Saudi and Israeli embassies, using hit men from Mexican drug cartel. This American-written scenario is more like a Hollywood movie than an actual plan. A new American movie on the screen of world's policy. To understand the reasons behind this funny allegation, one must take a look at the US situation of these days. Thousands of American people have gathered in different states, protesting against the capitalistic system ruining the lives of the ordinary American people. It seems that American's eyes have opened, and people have come to understand that the system governing on their country is just there to guaranty the interests of the capitalists. Many analysts believe that this uprising will lead to the overturning of the capitalistic system of the US. Also, the recent political upheavals in the Arab world have inflicted a heavy blow upon the US power. These losses make American government scenarists fabricate a new story about Iran.
Apart from this main reason, one may ask why Iranians would want to perform this foolish, childish plan. What does it have for Iran?
The fact is that American imperialistic hegemony is breaking down, and these kind of foolish programs are just there to postpone the eminent collapse of American system.

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