Huge US military force in Germany to boost NATO presence in E Europe

7 Jan 2017 11:20

The US military has begun the deployment of hundreds of combat vehicles such as tanks as well as artillery guns along with ۳,۵۰۰ troops to Germany in an alleged bid to boost NATO’s deterrence force against Russia in Eastern Europe.

US warships started unloading the military hardware, which includes ۸۷ tanks and ۱۴۴ Bradley fighting vehicles, in the northern German port of Bremerhaven on Friday for eventual transfer to member countries of the military alliance in Eastern Europe to enhance what was described as “deterrence against possible Russian aggression.”

Nearly ۳,۵۰۰ American troops from the ۴th Infantry Division in Fort Carson, Colorado, will join the military equipment over the next two weeks, marking the outset of Operation Atlantic Resolve, which provides for continuous presence of a US armored brigade combat team in Europe on a nine-month rotational basis.

The deployment is aimed at relieving supposed concerns in newest NATO member nations such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland over what the US-led military alliance has termed as increasingly erratic and belligerent Russia.

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced the move last year, declaring that the force would take part in regular military drills across the region with NATO allies.

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