Leaked Clinton emails unveil distance from US mid class, Wall St. ties

9 Oct 2016 10:07

Leaked emails of US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton reveal her disconnection from struggles of the middle class – contrary to her campaign rhetoric -- and her behind the scene advocacy for further prosperity of the Wall Street.

According to the leaked remarks made in highly-paid private speeches before executives of top corporate banking institutions between ۲۰۱۳ and ۲۰۱۵, Clinton admitted she is “far removed” from the issues of middle class Americans due to the “fortunes” she and her husband and ex-president Bill Clinton “enjoy” while pledging to do “all she could” for the Wall Street to prosper.

“I'm kind of far removed because the life I've lived and the economic, you know, fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy,” Clinton said in a February ۲۰۱۴ speech before members of Goldman-Black Rock. “I am not taking a position on any policy, but I do think there is a growing sense of anxiety and even anger in the country over the feeling that the game is rigged.”

The remarks were reflected in an email discovered among over ۲,۰۰۰ so-called “Podesta emails,” shedding light into what the presidential hopeful was telling US financial heavyweights such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and others after she left her post as the Obama administration’s secretary of state to prepare for her current presidential campaign.

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