Iran Warns Israel of Painful Reaction

10 Jan 2009 11:51

Iran’s Defense Minister branded as “foolish” Zionist Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz claims on “Iran threat”, arguing if anyone would dare do such a silly thing they would face a painful reaction. Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar made the comment on the sidelines of the official seeing off of the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maleki in a brief talk with the media reporters covering the event. He added, “The forged regime of Israel faced psychological problems following the humiliating defeat it suffered in its encounter with the Lebanese Hezbollah, as a result half of the youth residing there got inclined towards immigration to other countries.” Brigadier General Najjar further reiterated, “That is because those people no longer believe that the regime would survive for much longer a period, and that is also the reason why the Zionist regime officials sometimes utter foolish remarks.” He said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is a well established, stable, and strong political system and our armed forces are at the peak of strength, and as a result, if anyone would venture to make such a foolish thing (as what Mofaz has mentioned) Iran’s reaction would be very painful.” Pointing out that the Zionist regime officials take back such comments immediately after they are made, he stressed, “This proves that such remarks are babbled due to the problems they are facing internally.” The Iranian Defense Minister also rejected as “rumors” claims that the Iraqi Prime Minister had brought with him to Iran documents on Iran’s intervention in Iraq’s internal affairs, emphasizing, “Mr. Nouri al-Maleki during this trip, in which he was accompanied with a high ranking delegation, said nothing in that respect.” He emphasized, “These are rumors made by the enemies of the two countries, aimed at disturbing Iran-Iraq’s good relations and they are always doomed to defeat, like they have been in the past.” The Iranian Defense Minister in response to another question on US-Iraq security pact and Iran’s reaction to it, said, “The matter is still at draft level and as our Iraqi brethren have mentioned, it has not been signed yet, while the Iraqis have denied the existence of the issues presented in media about it.” He pointed out that Iran strongly denounces any initiative that would trample upon the Iraqi nation’s interests and we would definitely remain a good neighbor by the side of the Iraqi nation and government, defending their independence, integrity, stability and security.” Brigadier General Najjar added, “On the contrary, we would always strongly denounce any move that would disturb Iraq’s independence, threaten that country’s territorial integrity, or the security of the Iraqi nation.” On Iraqi Defense Minister’s visit of Iran and the agreements signed between the defense ministries of the two countries, he said, “The Iraqi Defense Minister visited Iran upon an invitation I had forwarded to him, accompanying the Iraqi Prime Minister, and his visit was quite fruitful since we discussed various matters of mutual interest.” The Iranian Defense Minister referred to numerous religious commonalities between the two countries, as well as the good ground for improving cultural, political, economic and defense cooperation. He said that the most important discussion between the two countries’ officials during this state visit, due to the long share borders, was related to broader security. Najjar further elaborated, “On clearing the border regions of the land mines, too, we had some talks, on whose sidelines we also discussed Arvand River, putting up border posts, and CBC marking of the sea and land borders, on which the two sides agreed to make necessary moves.” He reiterated, “Academic and logistical cooperation were among the other matters discussed between the two defense ministries and we finally agreed to established a joint commission with six sub-commissions focusing on various issues, that would meet at appropriate time intervals and follow up the implementation of the reached agreements.

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