Hollywood hacker who leaked nude Scarlett Johansson photos set to receive jail term

17 Dec 2012 19:47

A Florida man who hacked the email accounts of Scarlett Johansson and other Hollywood stars is to be sentenced today.

35-year-old Christopher Chaney of Jacksonville, Florida pleaded guilty in March to nine charges of unauthorised access to a computer and wiretapping.

Nude pictures of Johansson, 29, intended for her ex-husband Ryan Reynolds were subsequently published on the internet.

Prosecutors alleged that Chaney illegally hacked the email accounts of more than 50 people in the entertainment industry.

His named victims include singer Christina Aguilera and actresses Mila Kunis and Johansson - who went public in the hope that publicity around the case would provide awareness about online intrusion.

Others are said to include Jessica Alba and actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens, naked pictures of whom were also released online last year after being stolen from her Gmail account.

Chaney’s arrest by the FBI last August was part of a year-long investigation that has been dubbed "Operation Hackerazzi".

The investigation began in late 2010 as reports began to surface of celebrities' mobile phones and computers being hacked into.

Federal prosecutors are recommending a six-year prison sentence.

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