UK PM repeating Iraq scenario on Syria?

27 Apr 2013 18:03

British Prime Minister David Cameron raised fears of another Iraq-like scenario in Syria, accusing its government forces of using chemical weapons and of “war crime”, but has ruled out sending British troops into the Middle Eastern country.

Cameron claimed that they are testing the “limited but growing evidence” of chemicals use in the conflict in Syria to ensure London does not repeat what, he pretended, was a blunder in Iraq.

“I would want to reassure people and say the lessons of Iraq have been learned. There are proper processes in place to try and make sure that what people say is properly backed up,” he told the BBC.

Britain and the US invaded Iraq claiming that the country’s former regime had weapons of mass destruction, ready to be launched on any target within hours.

However, no weapons of mass destruction, whatsoever, were found in Iraq after the invasion.

Later, it emerged that the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the then US president George W. Bush had changed the evidence to make it look like Iraq had ready-to-launch weapons of mass destruction to justify their war.

The British government repeated that scenario earlier this month claiming that soil samples from an area near Damascus, smuggled out of Syria by their spy agency MI6, contains traces of banned sarin chemical agent use.

At the time, The Times quoted the British military report as saying it is not clear whether Syrian militia or government forces have used the chemical weapons.

But, Cameron appeared to have already made his decision based on no evidence in his interview with the BBC.

“I choose my words carefully, but what I see does look very much like a war crime is being committed in our world, at this time, by the Syrian government,” he said.

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi has rejected the claims in an interview with Russia’s Interfax, saying Syria does not even possess chemical weapons, still less using them.

Commander of the Syrian Presidential Guard said back in December that anti-government terrorists have used chemical weapons, which produced a toxic yellow gas, against government forces, killing at least seven soldiers.

This comes as, foreign-backed terrorists have repeatedly threatened to use chemical weapons against the Syrian army and pro-government civilians including in a video uploaded on YouTube that shows them testing deadly chemical agents on rabbits in a laboratory.

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