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Publication Date : Saturday 24 September 2011 18:54
US proposal for setting up hot line with Iran
US proposal for setting up hot line with Iran

Since Islamic revolution relations between Iran and the US have been severed. However, after invading Iraq and Afghanistan, US officials came to this conclusion that without Iran's cooperation, they can't fulfill their goals in these two countries. The recent uprisings in Arab world have made this need more urgent for the US. Iran's advancements in military fields have made Pentagon suggest that there be a hot line communication link between Iran and America. Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a university audience last week that he is concerned by the lack of communication between the U.S. and Iranian army — a breach that dates to the severing of diplomatic ties three decades ago. The Wall Street Journal first reported on the possible hotline, saying the U.S. was especially concerned about a fleet of speedboats that often challenge U.S. and allied warships that transit the Persian Gulf. Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that he would welcome a "hot line" with the United States or any other way to head off conflict in the Persian Gulf. He told a news conference Friday that there was no reason for any clashes and "any tool that can prevent clashes or potential conflict, we welcome that tool."
Siasat Rooz has asked the opinion of two political analysts on this issue. 

US is unable to realize Iran and region situations
Dr.Mohammad Koushki believes that this proposal shows that the US is still under the delusion of cold war. "The US has not realized the phenomenon of Islamic Revolution," he said.
"US officials think that Iran is like former soviet bloc, and they can use the devices they used for communication with soviet bloc for communication with Iran," he added.
"In Iran the only person who can permit opening any relationship with US, is the supreme leader. He has assigned a set of preconditions for opening this relationship, and unless this preconditions are meet, Iran won't start any relationship with US," he concluded. 

Establishing a communication line with Iran is priority for US
Dr.Sabah Zangane believes that US has not managed to fulfill its goals in the region. The Arabic Spring proved that the US diplomacy in the region is not sufficient. By propagating this proposal, Americans want to persuade Iran to enter negotiations about Iraq, Afghanistan and even Syria. They think that negotiating with Iran will curtail their losses in the region's developments.

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