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Publication Date : Saturday 18 June 2011 04:51
The UK insolence is incessant
The UK insolence is incessant
Siasatrooz Online: What is the UK’s insolence stemmed from? Maybe the county presumes that it is still the only potent in the world. May be the UK assumes Iran as the same country it faced before revolution which stood any manipulation.
The UK is run as it was 600 years ago, based on monarchy system, but meanwhile claims to the supporter of democracy. The country deprecates Iran for being dictatorship and accused it for violating the human rights. The bottom line is that if we react suitably, we will observe less such kind of meddling policies of the county in our inside affairs.
The plan of severing relation between Iran and the UK, proposed after Iran’s election and whereupon the augmentation of the UK’s meddling in Iran affairs, has not been reached to the certain result in parliament. Albeit the parliament has this plan on its table, but there stand some other issues which overshadow the case. But the silver point which literally conspicuous beside this retardation is the continual of bias policy of the UK against Iran. Such positions of the UK are taken in a milieu that Islamic Republic of Iran dismissed UK envoy for the country’s meddling in Iran political inside affairs, backed to the time after election. At that time the UK’s attempts for apologizing proposed, but at last Simon Gass was knighted for his service as a diplomat by the UK queen.
In diverse times, such kinds of positions taken by the UK authorities led to the decrease or severance of relation between Iran and England. At this time the Parliament announced that it would made its decision regarding the case; Albeit this plan forgotten by the decrease of the UK claims and calumnies against Iran. At this time when the members of national security committee are asked about the plan, the members say the plan is still on the table but not proved yet. They think that the decreases or severance of reaction between Iran and the UK is not such a good idea. The plan is not in Iran’s favor, they presume. However two weeks ago Iran called the UK attaché and asked him to provide the county some explanation about the UK policy toward Islamic republic of Iran.
The second anniversary of Iran election divulged the latent bias policy of the arrogant country toward Iran. The UK foreign ministry repeated its old policy toward Iran and issued an announcement to entice Iranian people stand against their government and give them some illusion that the country highly supported them.
Issuing the announcement on the occasion of election anniversary, the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague endeavored to inject new spirit to the intrigue via giving illusion to people.
He claimed that Iranian government cracked down on protesters, and the morality of British people as a nation did not let them to be reticent regarding this fact!!!
In the other part of his speech, British Foreign ministry pointed to recent changes in Arabian countries and called these changes as the Arabian Spring. He claimed that Iran pretended to support Arabian nations but that support is not real!
They claimed such remarks in a condition that the support of the UK from tyrannical governments of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya was conspicuous for all people.
But Islamic Republic of Iran always condemned killing and massacring people by the tyrannical governors and that is the reason why the UK tries to meddle in inside affairs of Iran. Meanwhile the UK is accused of supporting tyrannical governors and this illustrates the abyss of meanness of the country which led them to exploit the condition in their own favors.
The dearth of west anticipation and conclusion about Middle East changes divulges their malignant try to exploit the chaos condition on their own favors. They try to have some effects on these events so they meddle in Iranian inside affairs. The final decision of the parliament can be suitable retort for them, hindering them from meddling In Iran inside affairs, albeit the parliament postponed their final decision about this case.
By Akram Shabani
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