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Publication Date : Wednesday 5 November 2014 13:55
Democrats concerned amid reported low turnout in midterm vote
Democrats concerned amid reported low turnout in midterm vote
A low turnout has been reported in the United States midterm elections, the most expensive midterm vote in the American history.

Reports said on Tuesday that there was a low turnout at the elections which would determine if President Barack Obama will face a Republican Senate in his final two years in office.

The Americans went to the polls to elect all 435 members of the House of Representatives, 36 senators, and 36 governors. Also at stake are 46 state legislatures, and numerous state and local races.

Republicans, who currently control the House of Representatives by a 233-199 majority over the Democrats, need only six seats to capture the US Senate as well.

Dems are concerned that a low turnout might hand the Senate over to the Republicans.

According to reports, both parties have thrown more than $4 billion at the months-long campaign.

Democrats have mostly run negative campaigns against the extreme policies of Republicans, a tactic that has apparently been not enough to persuade their supporters to go to the polls in sufficient numbers, according to a report by the Guardian.

Meanwhile, Republicans have picked less outspoken candidates in an attempt to attract more moderate voters.

The combination has borne “little evidence” of any “last-minute rush to the polls,” the report said.

On Monday, the White House blamed voter dissatisfaction with Washington for what could be an Election Day setback for Democrats.
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