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Publication Date : Tuesday 30 October 2012 18:49
Britain fails to get rid of foreign inmates
Britain fails to get rid of foreign inmates
Britain has managed to extradite only 62 foreign criminals from among 11,000 inmates despite the premier’s vow to remove thousands from British prisons.
Prime Minister David Cameron pledged two years ago to launch a crackdown on foreign inmates to clear jails of 11,000 or one in each eight prisoners from the UK jails.

But, now, official figures show the number of prisoners deported under Tories is well below the number when Labour was in power.

The coalition government has sent back only 62 inmates home to serve the rest of their sentences, according to figures.

Another report revealed that each prisoner costs the UK taxpayer £45,000 a year - meaning the total bill is over £500million.

As of June 30 this year, there were 11,861 foreign inmates - 12.6 per cent of the total - serving time for offences including murder, burglary, drugs, assault and rape.

Labour’s justice spokesman Sadiq Khan, who uncovered the figures, said: “David Cameron claimed back in 2010 that he would “personally intervene” to send more foreign criminals back home. But these figures I have uncovered show this Tory-led government is sending back fewer foreign criminals than before”.
“Breaking promises is becoming the trademark of this incompetent Prime Minister”, Sadiq Khan added.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said: “This is an aspect of our prison system that has to change - I am clear that more foreign prisoners must serve their sentences in their own countries. There are far too many in our prisons”.

“A lot is already being done to tackle this and thousands of foreign national prisoners are already removed each year - either during or at the end of the sentences”, said the Justice Secretary.

“But I am determined to do more and will investigate every possible avenue to reduce their numbers and unburden British taxpayers”, added Chris Grayling.
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