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Publication Date : Monday 28 November 2011 18:46
Iran Air bypasses IATA sanctions
Iran Air bypasses IATA sanctions

Managing Director of Iran's national air carrier, Iran Air (Homa), Farhad Parvaresh said the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has been pressured by the US to impose tight sanctions on Iran, but Tehran has managed to bypass such embargoes on its air industry.
Speaking to FNA on Monday, Parvaresh referred to his meeting with IATA Director-General Tony Tyler, and said, "The IATA director-general admitted in this meeting that following the US treasury department's directive (for the different bodies inside the US), they were also forced to impose sanctions against Homa" although IATA is an international organization and not a part of the US administration.
He blasted IATA's double-standard behavior towards different countries, and said IATA which claims to be a non-political entity has now made a political move by imposing US-dictated sanctions against Iran.
Meantime, Parvaresh downplayed effectiveness of such sanctions, and said Iran Air has found certain ways to bypass the sanctions and is changing its contracts with the international airline companies.
The US has adopted a range of sanctions against Iran's aviation industry and forced the western countries and firms to comply with its rules. It had earlier imposed a boycott on the supply of spare parts and another boycott on the supply of jet fuel to Iranian passenger planes.
But Iran has always managed to go round these sanctions. Earlier this year, Parvaresh downplayed the effects of fuel sanctions against the Iranian airliners, and said his airline is conducting flights on a routine basis and western restrictions have been unable to disrupt Iran Air flights.
Parvaresh further pointed out that although ۱۳ European destinations refuse to supply jet fuel to Iranian airliners due to the US pressures, his airline has not stopped any of its international flights.

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