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Publication Date : Tuesday 10 June 2014 16:01
Russia warns against NATO eastward expansion
Russia warns against NATO eastward expansion
Tension between the Obama administration and Israel will remain as long as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues his “inhumane” policies toward Palestinians, an analyst in Washington says.

The Israeli regime will not reach a real peace deal with the Palestinians as long as Netanyahu remains in power, said Jeff Steinberg, a senior editor the Executive Intelligence Review.

Palestinians have been “subject to boycott, embargo and all kinds of other inhumane and really illegal measures under international law,” Steinberg told Press TV on Tuesday.

Tension between Washington and Tel Aviv increased over the so-called peace talks after the US State Department said Washington will continue to deal with the new Palestinian unity government.

Observers believe that the US plan to work with the new unity government shows Obama’s more openness to the Palestinians and the fact that his administration is more critical of Israel.

Last week, Israel protested the new Palestinian government by announcing schemes to construct new settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories and unfreeze earlier construction projects.
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