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Publication Date : Friday 4 November 2011 20:45
Lessons from a true story
Lessons from a true story

Siasat Rooz_ "Muammar Gaddafi passed away. Following his decease, tens of thousands of mournful people gathered around the hospital in which his body was kept. They called Gaddafi the 'Father of New Libya'; a man who devoted himself to improving Libya's economy and politics. Thanks to his efforts, Libya has become one of the most important and most democratic countries in Africa. Although he yielded the power to the people ۳۰ years ago and didn't hold any official post, people have always respected him and politicians have used his advices.
After Gaddafi's decease, leaders from around the world have sent messages of condolences and sympathy to his family and to Libyan people, and a number of countries declared national mourning.
Gaddafi's funeral ceremony will take place the day after tomorrow. Many leaders and politicians from all over the world announced they would attend the ceremony in Tripoli.
The above text could have come true some day, but the main character of this story made his destiny in a different way. Yes, Gaddafi acted in such a way that made people revolt against his rule. He fled and finally, he was found in a sewage pipe, imploring his hunters not to execute him, and at last, he was killed in the most humiliating way, and Libyan people didn't mourn for him. Not only didn't they mourn for him, but also they rejoiced at his death. Gathering in the streets, they celebrated his death, congratulating each other. What can be worst than that for a leader?
All the leaders around the world have two choices: Acting in such a way that when they die, people grieve for them, or acting in such a way that their death be translated as the 'the freedom of the nation'.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely. When a ruler has unlimited power; a power for which he shouldn't answer to anyone and can't be held accountable, and when people's votes have no meaning, and when the ruler is surrounded by flatterers, and when the world closes its eyes to his cruelties, someone like Gaddafi comes to existence. In Gaddafi's regime, no one could criticize the system at all; there was no freedom of expression and any protest was met with violant response. Gaddafi murdered or imprisoned and tortured anyone who dared to oppose his ideas and actions, and he bombarded the people who peacefully rallied against dictatorship in their country. He called the protestors 'mouse', and it's significant that at last, he himself was taken out of a sewage pipe.
Gaddafi's story is a good lesson for the rulers. They can choose the path he chose, or act differently and be on the people's side.

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