Internal Politics Editorial
Publication Date : Saturday 8 October 2011 23:07
Scenario behind Rabbani's assassination

by Mohammad Pirali
Today Imperialism uses complex and indirect tactics to achieve its goals. The writer of this article believes that the assassination of Burhanuddin Rabbani, the former President of Afghanistan and one of the key political figures of the country, was a programmed plot by the United States. To understand the scenario behind Burhanuddin Rabbani assassination we must take notice of the US-Pakistan relationship.
Taking advantage from Pakistan's poor economic status and by offering little economic and military helps to the country; the US has always tried to separate this Muslim country from its western neighbor, Iran.
The US considers Pakistan as an ally. But we all know that Imperialism turns its back to its allies whenever needed. Hence, the US killed Bin Laden regardless of the consequences it had for Pakistan. The killing of Ben Laden has put Pakistan in a dangerous situation, since Taliban started revengeful terrorist operations against Pakistan government. In fact, Pakistan has paid the blood price of Ben Laden's murder; the murder which won the approval of American people and gave credit to the US government.
The U.S. has repeatedly accused Pakistan's main spy agency, the ISI, of supporting the Haqqani militant network, which is allied with the Taliban. The group is believed to be based in Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal area near the Afghan border.
The Pakistanis who felt betrayed by these antagonistic measures, has taken a tough stance against the US and, as a reaction, began boosting their relations with Iran. Also, the replacement of General McChristal with General Petraeus as the US commander in Afghanistan, and the contemptuous attitude of Petraeus to Pakistan, made this country more determined to strengthen its relationship with Iran.
Regarding these developments, we can analyze Rabbani's murder. Rabbani was one of the most influential figures of Afghanistan who also had good relations with Iranians.
After his assassination, the Afghan government pointed finger at Pakistan. There were evidences that affirmed the involvement of Pakistan's ISI in Rabbani's murder. Afghan's interior minister, in line with some other Afghan politicians, has accused the ISI of being involved in Rabbani's murder.
Regarding all these, we come up with this possible conclusion: TheUS has indirectly_ maybe by instigating some Terrorist groups in Pakistan_ planned Rabbani's assassination for two major goals:
۱. To eliminate an anti-western and pro-Iranian figure from Afghanistan political scene.
۲. To substantiate an accusation against Pakistan government and escalate the disagreements between Kabul and Islamabad to increase the pressure on Pakistan.
The cancellation of Zardari upcoming Kabul visit by Hamid Karzai, and staging anti-Pakistan protests across Afghanistan plus Karzai's new inclination toward India, the archenemy of Pakistan, shows that the US plot has been successful. Now, Pakistan is under immense pressure, from Afghanistan and from the US. Pakistan has moved closer to Iran and it is not acceptable by Americans. So by intensifying pressures on Pakistan, the US wants to force this country to voluntarily come back to the laps of the United States.

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