Internal Politics Editorial
Publication Date : Tuesday 27 September 2011 19:37
Those freed Americans

By Mohammad Safari
After several intercessions, the American convicts were released. We call the 'convict' because their convictions had been proven in the court and they had been sentenced to ۸ years in prison.
They were arrested within Iran's territory, in Kurdistan mountains. The question is: "What did appeal to them in Kurdistan Mountains? Weren't there any other mountain? They traveled thousands of kilometers just to climb Kurdistan mountains? If they wanted to go mountain climbing, why didn't they enter Iran legally? Why did they enter the country stealthily and illegally?
They had been found guilty of espionage. When the third one, Sarah Shourd, was released and returned to the US, she claimed that Iranians had mistreated her. Thus she created a negative atmosphere against Iran.
Knowing this, Iran released the other two Americans on ۵۰۰,۰۰۰$ bail as well. So easily!
And when they entered their country, they did their best to destroy Iran and Iranian face. They said they could not forgive Iranian government because it had imprisoned many innocents.
While American government abuse any opportunity to propagandize against Iran, our government is not able to use opportunities for advertising purposes. Of course releasing these Americans were a sign of Iranian compassion and mercy, but the result was not at all favorable for Iran.
Now, a number of Iranians are in the US prisons. But no human rights institution follows their fate and no one asks for their release. By insisting on our rights, we could swap the Americans with Iranians prisoners who are held in US jails, but …

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