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Publication Date : Sunday 16 October 2011 19:23
US plots for Muslim world
US plots for Muslim world

Siasat Rooz_ New prefabricated scenario staged by the US government against Iran seems to be a preliminary terrorist plot against Islamic world. A look at the past reveals that Washington and some of its allies have always hatched well-worked conspiracies to launch psychological operations against Washington's foes in sensitive junctures.
Considering the present conditions in the Middle-East and the western countries reveals that the US and its allies are having a very bad time as popular uprisings not only in the Arab countries but also in the US and several European countries have debilitated US strategies, led to the further isolation of Israel.
American officials know that Iran is the hub of the recent developments in Arab countries, so by conceiving new plots against Iran, they try to deprive the Islamic movements from Iranian paradigm.
It is significant to note that raising this accusation is almost concurrent with the holding of two important regional conferences in Tehran; Islamic Awakening Conference and Palestinian Intifada Conference. These conferences marked the failure of US plans in the region, strengthening Iran's position and giving it the upper hand in the regional developments.
The current developments in Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Egypt and Saudi Arabia indicate that all US plans to divert the direction of the popular revolutions in these countries have failed. The White House once again is at a sensitive juncture and needs to divert the world public opinion from the suppression of the people in the US and Europe and the massacre of the protestors in Bahrain, Yemen and the US main ally in the region, Saudi Arabia.
After the massive demonstration in Tahrir square in which the US flag was burnt, American officials realized that they have no influence on Egyptian people. After that, fierce clashes erupted between Muslim and Christian groups. It's clear that these clashes were contrived by US and Israel to divert the political course in Egypt; desperate efforts which had nothing for US and its allies.
The losses in foreign and domestic arenas prompted the US policy makers to work out a new hastily written scenario aiming at derailing the world public opinion from Arab world developments and Wall Street protests.
It is ludicrous that the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that Mansour Arbab Siar, who is claimed to be the main suspect in this alleged plot, would be given life imprisonment, before any trial and substantiation of the claimed accusation. Immediately after the announcement of this stunning unproved claim, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the U.S. is preparing new penalties against Iran. She also predicted the plot would further isolate Iran. You see, they have tried and condemned Iran before presenting any evidence for their claims. The US allegations are so baseless and ridiculous that even some former CIA agents and Foreign policy officials scoffed at it and called it nonsense.
Other motives that might have prompted US officials to put forward this hastily fabricated scenario are discussed below.
۱- Western powers had earlier talked about the possibility of implementing new sanctions on Iran. These sanctions were supposed to be implemented on the third week of October. The new American scenario against Iran seems to be put forward to back these new sanctions.
۲. After the revolution in Egypt and other Arabic countries, the gap between Arab world and Israel has widened. The American plot against Iran aims at reducing this gap. Why? Because any friction between Iran and Saudi Arabia would shift Arab's attentions from Israel to Iran, making Arabic states and Israel closer. The US and Israel have always tried to foment strife among Muslim countries in order to help Israel come out of isolation.
۳. This scenario can be the preface of the US new terrorist measures against Iranian diplomats, or pro-Iranian diplomats. (Note that Borhanedin Rabbani and the son of Syria grand Mufti Shiekh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, both pro-Iranian figures, were assassinated recently.) By raising such accusations against Iran, the ground will be prepared for such hostile measures.

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