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Publication Date : Sunday 18 September 2011 15:38
Let's Awake to the Islamic Awakening
Being more pensive about the necessity of Islamic Government
Being more pensive about the necessity of Islamic Government

By Muhammad Mahdi Shir Mohammadi, PHD
The existence of the tyrannical government, which all rely on their interests and all depend on the arrogance countries and the regime of Zionism, wasted many of material and spiritual sources of the Islamic countries. Quite a few virtuous people scarified and martyred by the regime of Pahlavi, quite a few geniuses buried because of the pride and arrogance of Pharaohs in Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya and other counties.
Today because of the Islamic Awakening, collapsing of these authoritarian governments is what we are observing now. It is quite seemingly that the enemies of Islamic Ummah endeavor to hijack the revolutionary movements and put the origin of forming the government under the question.
Albeit it seems that those who do not believe in the necessity of forming government are few among the Islamic communities. Actually all the Islamic denominations gave their assent to the case and all believe in the necessity of forming the government. Just some groups of Khavarej were not in the same page however at the end they had to change their mind.
Disciplining the human communities' affairs is a logical necessity. Studying chaos even in the countries which have government, but weak ones, lets us come up with this idea that the government should be potent and protect the traditions, the rules of the society and also keep people safe against the precarious adventures.
The benefits of forming governments, which are systematizing the society's affair, removing chaos and executing rules, have been delineated in the works of Ibn Sina, Khaje Nasireddin Tousi and also elaborated by western philosophers such as Thomas Hobbes.
We are proud of having the schools of Sinavi, Khaje Nasireddin Tousi and also accessing to the precious sentences and teachings of Imam Ali (PBUH). In the period that Imam Ali governed the Islamic society, Khavarej announced that they were dubious about the necessity of forming the Islamic government. Since observing some of the contentious argument between Qasetin and Nakethin groups with Imam Ali (PBUH), they assume that without forming the government such kinds of arguments would not happen. They referred to the phrase said no one had right to give order except God and promulgated this idea in the Islamic communities.
Answering to their claims, Imam Ali (PBUH) said, Nahjulbalaqa, sermon ۴۰; "yes no one has right to give order except God, but they ( Kavarej) say governing( in the society ) belongs to God. But there should be some orders determined for people, both good doers and wrongdoers, (just in this case) a virtuous man can keep walking in his path but in support of the Islamic government and the infidels also enjoy his life and God terminate their lives in that government."
Imam Ali underscored, written in his holy book of Nahjulbalaqa, "(there should be a government since) with its governor and leader, the spoils of war can be gleaned, the war with the enemies will be systematized, ways will be secure, the right will be taken from the oppressive and given back to oppressed one, the virtuous will be comfortable and people will be safe from the wrong doers."
Imam Ali said," about you (people) I am waiting for the God's order, but in the form of government controlled by a deserved and right doer governor, believers can keep going. On the contrary, under the control of the wrongdoer governor, those who are wrongdoers can get what they want, till they passed a way."
Rebuffing the claims that forming the governments is not necessity, Imam Ali named some of the benefits of having the government. He also pointed to the superiority of good doers' governments over the wrongdoers' ones.
Islam is the last, and the most complete school that God gave to human being as a gift. God told Muslims that via completing the religion for humans he completed his blessing for them. The prophet of Islam retold people on the day of Qadir Eid, If Muslims abide by Islam, God's blessing will be adequate and complete for them and one of these blessing is living under the control of the right government. There were some eras in which Muslims were deprived of having the right governments; so they should search those government's foibles in their ignorance to Islam's teachings and rules.
Governors should abide by the Islamic rules and teachings. Is it logical that a Muslim has non Muslim governor? This refers to those who do not abide by their own words. God says," believers! Why are you saying something which you do not do it yourself? God will not accept when you say something and you do not believe in it practically."
Today we observe the Muslims revolutions. The God's rage over Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Gaddafi , Ali Abdullah Saleh and etc… these are some examples of those governors who evaded from Islamic rules. They plundered all the material and spiritual wealth of Islamic Ummah by being authoritarian and accepting the arrogance power.
To wrap the discussion up, we mention some of the main characteristics of the Muslims' manager and governors.
The Muslims' governors should believe in the values of Islamic rules and both in mind and action abide by them. Accepting the governing of Islamic rules make the governors eschew from authoritarianism. It makes them be kind with people. Imam Reza (PBUH) said," Imams are kinder to people comparing to their mothers and fathers. Muslims' leader should be able to save the society against the anomies' threat; problem and crisis may happen to the society."
"Accomplishing these goals requires experience, tact and capability of the leaders in governing and managing the society," said Imam Reza (PBUH), Baharol Anvar, Volume ۲۵, page ۱۲۶-۱۲۷; stating that Imam should be cognizant of the politics and rely on managing and governing.

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