Internal Politics Editorial
Publication Date : Monday 10 October 2011 21:21
The collapse of west's intelligence castle

By Mohammad Safari
It seems that the world will go through enormous changes; developments that will make the future of mankind. Maybe some think that the current developments in the world are just a passing breeze which would end soon. But it's not true. Some crucial days are ahead. The revolutions in Islamic states and the protests in the US and Europe is just the beginning of the story. And it seems that all of these events have been originated from Iran's Islamic revolution.
Many believe that the civilization sprang out of the East and then went to the west. Islamic Republic of Iran began the revolution that now is regenerating in other Islamic states, and is also covering the Imperialistic bully states that have always blown their own trumpet boasting that they are the masters of the world.
American people will never forget the ۱۷th day of September; the day in which the social protests began.
The castle of US propaganda is breaking down. The Soviet Union had hidden the people in its communistic ideology walls; the walls which finally collapsed. Although the US is apparently a free country, its public opinion has actually been dominated by the mass media which alter and invert the facts. And now it seems that this intelligence dominance is breaking down by public awareness. People have risen and the age of media dominion have terminated. American people would no longer be deluded by media lies.

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