Internal Politics Note
Publication Date : Sunday 18 September 2011 21:11
Conspiercy of Laique Islam

By Mohammad Safari
The revolutionary figures of the Islamic states which have undergone revolution have two choices: Practicing real Islam, or practicing fake or American Islam.
The rulers of these countries, Mobarak, Ben Ali and even Gaddafi, were pro-western dictators who implemented American Islam in their countries. Their Islam was secular, liberal, or more accurately, as Imam Khomeini put it, "American Islam". This "Islam" was dependent and obedient to west and America. They were fake Muslims who betrayed the Palestine aspiration and established relationship with the Zionist regime.
Being desperate and exhausted from their pro-western governments, people of these countries have yearned for a revolutionary Islam. This cause made them rise and revolve. People in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya managed to over turn their dictator rulers.
But now, their revolutions are in danger of being taken over by American Islam followers. Turkey, under the guidance of the US, tries to propagate this kind of Islam in revolutionized Arab countries.
Turkey's Islam is liberal and secular, and west aims to establish this kind of Islam in the Arab countries. Erdogan's visits to Egypt, Tunisia and Libya have been intended to propagate this kind of Islam in those countries.
Turkish Prime Minister called on Egyptians to adopt a secular Islam. His remarks provoked the angry reaction of the Muslim Brotherhood movement. Egyptian people opposition to their country relations with Israel should also be interpreted as a negative respond to Erdogan's call. Even Turkish people are against these kinds of Policies. Their rally against Israeli football team proves this opposition.
People of the revolutionary Arab countries should stand against the US and Turkey's policies. Their interim governments should listen to the people and act according to their demands. Otherwise, people will revolve again and go through another revolution. That's why Iranian Supreme Leader advised them to be aware and eschew from Laique, liberal or Marxist political patterns.
People of Islamic states should also be aware not to be trapped in the Shia and Sunni differences, which is an American plot. The revolutions in Arab world are Islam-seeking movements, not Shia -Sunni matter. People of the revolutionized Arab states are after true Islam, which is based on Koran rules. 

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